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May 19, 2014

bwbPARIS, France – On the day before the opening of IMEX Frankfurt, one of the biggest trade shows for the international meetings, incentive travel and events industry, TextMaster shares insight on the top five B2B marketing trends that have an impact on tourism brands.

In 2014, businesses need to look at what they are communicating to customers, but also how. According to Thibault Lougnon, CEO of TextMaster, there are five key factors that will shape B2B marketing this year.

Is there a difference in the type of content that resonates with B2C and B2B audiences?

THIBAULT LOUGNON: These two types of customers are like apples and oranges; in B2B, the goal of published content is to help the audience on a professional level. That is why webinars, white papers, case studies and blog articles are the most effective content for reaching this type of customer.

How can content marketing be integrated into the rest of the business?

LOUGNON: Technology has become a crucial component in B2B marketing in the tourism sector. Publishing platforms can be integrated with CRM systems and measurement tools, making it possible to obtain qualified leads and measure engagement.

How should businesses adapt their marketing strategies?

LOUGNON: B2B content, such as white papers, are an investment that take time and money to create. It’s important to have a clear strategy so that resources are used efficiently and a social strategy for getting the most exposure out of each published piece.

Mobile has had an impact on B2C marketing, but has it affected the B2B sector?

LOUGNON: B2B customers in the travel sector are doing just that – travelling. They’re accessing information through mobile devices, meaning that it is crucial that all web content is optimized for mobile viewing.

How has global content marketing evolved?

LOUGNON: We’re seeing businesses go beyond replicating their content in different languages to creating unique content that is relevant to each geographic market.

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