Twitter’s New Targeted Advertising

twitter-bird-white-on-blueMicroblogging giant, Twitter has rolled out a new form of targeted advertising, that would allow companies to deliver \”promoted tweets\” to customers who show interest in the brand through web browsing. For instance, if a hotel brand wants to display a promotional ad on Twitter, they would prefer to show it to travel enthusiasts who have already visited their website. To give the special offers to people who are on Twitter, the brand needs to share their browser-related information, or browser cookie ID, with Twitter, via an ads partner. This information will be used to match with the Twitter accounts, so that the users, with whom the travel deal would aptly match with, will be sent a Promoted Tweet. Advertisers will only receive reports as to how many users saw or clicked on their ads, and not users\’ identities.

via Twitter’s New Targeted Advertising.