The Cruise Boom and a new venture InCruising

CLIAA recent report by Cruise Lines International Association, called 2016 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, projects that nearly 24 million passengers will sail in 2016, up from 15 million a decade earlier in 2006. The industry will debut 27 new cruise ships in 2016, including ocean and river vessels.

Among the other 2016 trends outlined by CLIA:

  • River cruising continues to grow, with a double-digit increase of new ships in 2016.
  • Asia is the fastest growing region in the cruise industry, with passenger volume growing at a 34 percent annually between 2012 and 2014.
  • Australia is also a hotbed for cruising, with the number of passengers growing from 158,000 in 2004 to more than 1 million in 2014.
  • Luxury cruising is on the rise, with more lines adding concierge services, exclusive tours, gourmet dining and butler service.
  • More lines are offering overnight stops in ports, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the destinations.
  • Intergenerational travel has become popular, with grandparents and extended family taking cruises together or having reunions.
  • Voluntourism cruises, where passengers have an opportunity to make a difference in ports they visit, will become more available in 2016.

Having spotted the market entrepreneur Michael Hutchison is in the process of launching an extremely innovative membership network that is a win-win for the bookers and the cruise lines. 

This is how it works….

#1 What makes Incruises unique is that its Members earn Cruise Dollars as part of their Membership.

What are Cruise Dollars?  For every $1 members pay in membership dues, they receive $2 in Cruise Dollars® to use towards purchasing a cruise in full or further reducing the cruise lines published rates.

When a Member applies their Cruise Dollars®, they receive preferred rates not available anywhere else.  Their members will be able to cruise for hundreds, perhaps thousands less than any other passenger on just about every cruise. Membership is therefore a huge saver.

#2 Members access their site to find two types of cruise offers.  What they call Dream Cruises™, hand-selected offers that have been researched and Global Destinations, special deals for their Members with any of the thousands of cruise options that are available at any given time on the internet from hundreds of providers.

If you live in the UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, or anywhere in the world, cruisers can book your cruise travels with a local cruise booking provider, simply book the cruise and send Incruises the booking confirmation and your payment receipt. Once we receive your proof of purchase, they will reimburse you for a part of your booking cost subject to the Cruise Dollars guidelines.

Each year that goes on Members can use an increasing number of Cruise Dollars™ to book their cruises and achieve even greater savings!

And again, if cruisers don’t use your Cruise Dollars™ they continue to rollover as long as you remain an active member, allowing you to use them in the future with Dream Cruises™ or more of our other Global Destinations.

Visit their website for further information

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