INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials and Matures Cruise Into the Future | TravelPulse

There is a great deal of news and activity related to the growth of the cruise industry.  MMGY Global, an international travel marketing agency, has visualized it with a fantastic info-graphic not only showing the industry’s rapid acceleration but also the travellers most responsible for it:  millennials and matures.

The data was gathered from the 2015 Portrait of American Travellers survey and the two years that preceded it.

It is clear that cruise travel is no longer just for the senior set anymore, although matures still certainly account for an equal share.   Millennials, are finding cruising more and more appealing, especially as larger, more technologically advanced ships come on-line.

Stand-out influencers in choosing cruises should also make the cruise lines happy about the future, what with on-board gambling and shopping holding importance for over 50 percent of millennials compared to less than a quarter of matures.

Of even greater importance to the younger generation over the older one are kids’ activities.


Source: INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials and Matures Cruise Into the Future | TravelPulse

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