The Travel Marketing Store On Tour In Iran

Over the last few days Duncan from The Travel Marketing Store has been taking part in a four city conference tour on Digital Marketing in Tourism in Iran.  So far it has been difficult to get the time for him to report on the tripImam Reza Holy Mosque simply because the itinerary has been so packed.

Today he visited the Holy Shrine of the Iman Reza which is located in the largest Mosque in the world in Mashat.  Duncan stated “It was truly an incredible experience and we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and welcome that we received”.   The Mosque and shrine is visited by over 25 million pilgrims a year.

Duncan addImam Reza Holy Mosqueed, “It is clear after visiting Mashat and Tehran that the country is certainly excited about the lifting of sanctions and the potential to re-build its tourism economy which according to the WTTC was 25% of GDP.  Today it is only 2%.  Iran represents a significant opportunity for tourism development and inward investment in the infrastructure to make it happen.  It is a great privilege to be here so soon as the market re-opens and to build new friendships and business links”.

Last year very few Visas were issued to United Kingdom citizens but this is set to change with an agreement to mutually re-open consulates. The conference tour continues tomorrow in Tabriz.

More details of Duncan’s trip will follow in our blog.

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