WIT – WEB IN TRAVEL : The Wrap: Wego unveils travel trends from Singapore, China, Hong Kong in the Year of the Horse

wegoMeta search engine, Wego, looks into the crystal ball and predicts the destinations travellers from the major hubs of Singapore, China, and Hong Kong will make their way to in the coming Year of the Horse. Singapore: In 2013, Bangkok and Hong Kong were the most popular cities visited by Singaporean travellers due to short travelling times and the strong Singapore dollar against the Thai baht and Hong Kong dollar, said David Lai, Wego’s market development manager for Singapore and Malaysia. However, the Year of the Horse will see Singaporean travellers showing greater interest and making more visits to Malaysia, especially Johor and Myanmar. “Johor has grown in popularity for Singaporeans, especially with the addition of a number of family oriented attractions and theme parks such as Legoland, Hello Kitty Land, as well as the shopping opportunities at the Johor Premium Outlets,” Lai explained. “Myanmar is capturing the attention of Singaporeans, and both business and leisure travel to Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, continues growing, beginning in earnest in 2012.” China: Zhao Tang, market development manager for Wego China, said Taiwan and Hong Kong are still the most popular destinations for Chinese mainlanders. “However, internationally we expect extensive growth as a greater choice of cheaper flights become available and foreign countries welcome Chinese travellers by improving their visa services.” Chinese travellers also love island resorts such as Bali, Phuket and Kota Kinabalu Sabah. “Both Indonesia and Thailand provide Visa-on-Arrival facilities, and Malaysia offers a simplified visa application process and 120 hours visa free transits, which has also helped make these destinations so popular.” Zhao also sees more Chinese visitors making a beeline to countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Korea wit the relaxation of visa restrictions there. Hong Kong: Wego’s market development manager for Taiwan and Hong Kong, James Huang, said the growth of low cost carriers in Asia would see more Hong Kongers travelling to South East and North East Asia. “There’s been tremendous growth in Hongkongers travelling to nearby countries such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea; while long distance travel to the USA and Australia has enjoyed a mild increase,” he added.

via WIT – WEB IN TRAVEL : The Wrap: Wego unveils travel trends from Singapore, China, Hong Kong in the Year of the Horse.

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