Expedia Media Solutions Offers 3:1 Advertising Match for Areas Affected by Typhoon Haiyan – WSJ.com

PRNewswire/ — Expedia(R) Media Solutions, the advertising division of Expedia, Inc., today announced that it will offer marketing support for tourism boards and organizations in the destinations affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The offering, a 3:1 media dollar match for all advertising on Expedia, Inc. websites, is designed to help the disaster-affected regions sustain visibility and boost tourism during the recovery period.

From now through March 2014, tourism organizations in countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines can work with Expedia Media Solutions to develop effective campaigns and triple the value of their media budgets. Using the media match program, destinations can broaden their reach to targeted tourist audiences shopping on Expedia, Inc. sites.

\”We\’ve offered similar media match programs after other natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy here in the U.S. and found that when leveraged effectively, tourism organizations can drive revenue for their local communities in times of need,\” said Noah Tratt, global vice president, Expedia Media Solutions. \”Our hope is that we can work with tourism groups in Southeast Asia to alleviate some of the economic pressures in the destinations affected by the typhoon.\”

In 2011, Japanese tourism was shattered by the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant scare. From the time of the earthquake through the week of July 25, tourism dropped to 73 percent below the previous year\’s average which was a 97 percent drop. To help revive the country\’s tourism industry, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) collaborated with Expedia Media Solutions, creating an uplifting online ad campaign that was featured on Expedia\’s UK website. The campaign ran July through October 2011, and during that time, bookings increased dramatically, lifting the country\’s tourism by 40 percent.

via Expedia Media Solutions Offers 3:1 Advertising Match for Areas Affected by Typhoon Haiyan – WSJ.com.

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