Travel must embrace content-driven commerce, says Robb –

By Martin Ferguson
By Martin Ferguson

Travel companies must embrace content-driven commerce if they are to fend off competitors in coming years, says a senior industry figure.

Nishma Robb, chief client and marketing office for iProspect, said the industry had not yet got to grips with content marketing, but that huge opportunities lay ahead for those quick to react.

At the Travolution Summit in London, Robb cited examples from the fashion and cosmetics industries where companies, such as Dove and Asos, had used storytelling to target specific audiences. They used a mixture of entertainment, information and education to draw shoppers to their websites and turn them into buyers. Robb said the travel industry’s inactivity in this field caused her great frustration.

“In other sectors I’ve seen conversion rates improve, and it saddens me because I haven’t seen it in the travel industry. Most of our businesses only have the opportunity to speak [to a customer] once a year – that’s why content is so important.”

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via Travel must embrace content-driven commerce, says Robb –

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