TripAdvisor launches first TV ad campaign – Travel Weekly

Travel-review website TripAdvisor this week launched its first television advertising campaign in its 13-year history.

TripAdvisor unveiled two 30-second advertisements, both of which remind viewers of the site’s green-bubbled one-to-five user-review scale.

One ad, titled “The Vacationer,” wordlessly follows a hotel guest walking to her hotel room and opening the room’s curtains to reveal an ocean view, causing her “green bubble” ranking to increase to five from three bubbles.
The other ad, titled “Room Service” shows a hotel reviewer’s ranking increase to five from four bubbles after a hotel employee brings him a tube of toothpaste. TripAdvisor says additional ads are being planned.

Founded in 2000, TripAdvisor has more than 100 million reviews of about 3 million hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

“There are 260 million unique visitors to TripAdvisor every month, which is amazing, but that also means there are still over 2 billion Internet users we want to reach,” said TripAdvisor chief marketing officer Barbara Messing.

TripAdvisor’s second-quarter net income surged 26% from a year earlier, to $67 million, on growth across all its operations. While its primary click-advertising operations boosted revenue 21%, subscription and transaction revenue jumped 68% from a year earlier. Overall revenue increased 25% to $246.9 million.

via TripAdvisor launches first TV ad campaign – Travel Weekly.

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