Tourism Fiji launches global crusade | Travel Weekly

Tourism Fiji launches global crusadeTelevision ads showcasing the “happiness” of Fiji will air around the world this weekend as tourism officials kick of a global marketing campaign.

A series of 60, 30 and 15 second commercials have been created, the culmination of a new “strategic direction” at Tourism Fiji.

The ads – the 60-second commercial can be viewed by clicking here – were previewed to the trade in Sydney last night.

Using the slogan “Fiji – where happiness finds you”, the commercials focus on the people and scenery of Fiji, coupled with the themes of relaxation, families, surfing and adventure.

Tourism Fiji chief executive Rick Hamilton said the Fijian people were central to the advertising campaign with the ads building on a 2011 survey which voted Fiji the “happiest place in the world”.

“When you think about it, the whole world is continually looking for happiness but actually, it’s Fijians, the people who are trying the least, who have it the most,” he said.

via Tourism Fiji launches global crusade | Travel Weekly.

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