Path to Purchase


A new reported commissioned by Expedia into the consumer booking process for travel.

Target the consumer traveller at the right time

When it comes to leisure travel shopping, consumers spend a significant amount of time online researching options. Up to 45 days leading up to a booking, a consumer will conduct as many as 38 visits to travel sites. Knowing how and when to influence their decision-making process is crucial to generating mindshare and ultimately driving bookings. With this custom research, you will learn what the overall purchase path looks like from initial exploration through the booking stage, and how you can alter your marketing approach to reach consumer travellers at the right time so that you can get the best return on your marketing dollars.

Download the custom research and learn:

  • How travel-seeking consumers view content online across multiple types of websites
  • When is the best time to target consumers in the process
  • Why you can’t rely on your site alone to generate bookings
  • What is the best way to alter your marketing strategy to drive more conversions

via Path to Purchase.

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