The Chief Marketing Officer is Dead | LinkedIn

An interesting article on the role of the Chief Marketing Officer.

Our response to this is as follows:

“An interesting viewpoint. I think the IKEA and Apple leadership approach speaks for itself. Marketing has moved on and is still a misunderstood and ill defined term. Our view is that the modern CMO needs to be able to lead and fuse science, art & technology to build lasting and profitable customer relationships. Kamprad and Jobs did this. The CMO needs to get the facts that data (in increasing forms) can provide to drive decisions. The art of marketing remains with the needs to build positive brand affinity. Any CMO that does not understand what technology can do for their business needs to get educated and the entire area of relationship building and engagement have been revolutionised by the opportunity presented by social marketing. We don’t believe the CMO role is dead. It is a role that has been transformed and those companies that get it and have CMOs that fuse science with art with technology and relationship building will probably be those most likely to succeed.”

via The Chief Marketing Officer is Dead | LinkedIn.

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