Open Booking Is Good News for Managed Travel, Expert Says

by Fred Gebhart, August 08, 2013

Love it or hate it, open booking – a.k.a. Travel 2.0 – is here to stay. But that’s not necessarily bad news for managed travel, GBTA members learned this week.

“Travel 2.0 is going to happen,” Scott Gillespie, managing partner of the new data analytics firm tClara, asserted during an education session at GBTA Conference 2013 in San Diego.

Travel 2.0 can be distilled into four key elements:

1.    Travelers can shop anywhere.
2.    Travelers can book any supplier so long as the supplier and product are safe.
3.    Travelers can book through any channel so long as complete data are reported to the company  quickly.
4.    Travelers can book any product so long as it is within budget.

“Open booking doesn’t advocate turning the traveler loose to book anything, anywhere, any price,” Gillespie said.

via Open Booking Is Good News for Managed Travel, Expert Says.

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